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In today’s competitions it's very difficult for educational institutions to get the students admitted in their college and fill the allocated quota.

As per the recent survey most of the engineer colleges and educations intuitions were struggling to fill their seats. In this tough situation, it is dire need of educational institution to advertise their strengths, success stories, facilities and such other positive attributes at the right platform to attract student. The Red pencil provides this platform that will just not help you to reach to your target audience but also makes you the first choice of students as you become a The Red Pencil recommended institution.

Daily, 5 lacs students visits www.theredpencil.in to hunt for the right college or University recommended or advertized by The Red Pencil on their website.

If, you want to reach them, without spending much your time and money on local ads, hoardings, news-paper which do not target a particular class or age-group, then just colleberate with us and:

Place the Ads on our websites www.theredpencil.in

For further enquiry us a Call on: 703-632-5625


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